FlushPro Septic and Plumbing Septic Tank Installation

FlushPro Septic and Plumbing Septic Tank Installation

FlushPro Septic and Plumbing

Your septic system can be designed, installed, and maintained by FlushPro Septic & Plumbing. It is very important to get a qualified plumber for your septic tank installation. Improper installation can get quite costly later. When a septic tank works appropriately, it is effective in protecting the health of your family, and your living environment.

There are basically four types of septic systems. Not all homeowners are free to choose from all four types because local codes may not allow conventional systems to be installed where soil absorption or drain field space is limited. In addition, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Conventional Systems

Generally there are two types of conventional septic systems: those that use gravel in the drain field and those that use some form of chamber system. As its name suggests the older style graveled system contains a layer of gravel in the drain field.

Low-Pressure Dose Systems

Low-pressure dose systems (also known as low-pressure pipe systems) may offer an alternative where soil and topographical conditions do not permit placement of a conventional septic system. This is especially true where the topography requires the drainfield to be located up-hill from the the septic tanks or where there is uneven terrain that would otherwise preclude placement of a conventional system.

Evapotranspiration Systems

Evapotraspiration Systems (ETs) are typically feasible only in arid and semi-arid regions. Basically we are looking at climates where evaporation exceeds rainfall by at least 24″ per year. The EP system relys on natural evaporation of wastewater through a sand barrier and simultaneous transpiration of water via the leaves of plants and grasses planted above the the drain field.

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Clearly aerobic septic systems are the one system that can be applied in almost any situation where septic systems are required. When you own an aerobic system you are basically the owner of a small version of a municipal sewage plant. 

Septic Tank Installation

Our years of experience as specialist in the installation of septic tank systems and our knowledge of permits we can help you choose the best septic tank system for you. We will be able to educate you on proper maintenance to keep future repairs to a minimum. Give us a call so you can rest assured that your septic tank system will be installed professionally today.